Search for vessel is called off »

(CNN) -- Sweden's military feels certain there was an intruder, but it has called off the search for a mystery vessel in waters near Stockholm.…

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“There is no reason for New Yorkers to be alarmed” »

After nearly a week of Ebola-free headlines, it looks like it’s back. A Doctors Without Borders physician just returned to New York City after treating patients in Guinea. He brought…

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NYC officials: Ebola patient rode the subway just hours before level-4 biohazard infection confirmed »

(NaturalNews) Ebola is now confirmed in New York City. I’ve just finished watching the press conference with Cuomo, de Blasio and Dr. Mary Travi Bassett, and what I’m hearing from…

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Doctor with Ebola in Manhattan hospital after return from Guinea »

NEW YORK (Reuters) – A doctor who worked in West Africa with Ebola patients was in an isolation unit in New York on Friday after testing positive for the deadly…

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Pope Francis: No death penalty! »

2014-10-23 October 23, 2014. The Pope also spoke out against inhumane prison conditions.…

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Higher White House Fence Possible, But First a Study, Then a Review, Then Recommendations, Then… »

( – Nothing happens quickly in Washington, even when it comes to protecting the president and his family. Five weeks after a deranged man jumped the White House fence and…

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Case of Ebola Confirmed in New York »

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A New York City doctor has tested positive for the Ebola virus after coming down with symptoms Thursday, officials have announced. Tests Thursday evening at Bellevue…

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EU Orders Britain to Pay £1.7 billion »

Greedy Brussels has demanded an extra £1.7bn from the UK tax payer because our economy is better than others in the EU. The astonishing bill is due on 1st December,…

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Pope Benedict: dialogue is no substitute for mission »

As the Pontifical Urbaniana University, which forms missionaries, dedicated a lecture hall in honor of Benedict XVI on October 21, the prefect of the papal household, Archbishop Georg ……

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HOMILY: Gift and Mystery »

Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted reflected on the life of St. John Paul II during a Mass in honor of his feast day Oct. 22, 2014, at St. Mary’s Basilica in…

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Vatican spokesman defends decision not to publish synod fathers’ speeches »

In an interview with Vatican Radio, the director of the Holy See Press Office said that the recently concluded Synod of Bishops was “a truly special experience, and very different…

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Helicopter, plane collide near Frederick Municipal Airport »

Reports of two aircrafts that crashed into each other surfaced Thursday afternoon. It was unclear if any injuries were reported.…

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Federal judge protects IRS, tosses out True the Vote’s lawsuit »


A federal judge tossed out True the Vote’s lawsuit against ……

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NYPD officer critically injured by axe-wielding man »

A New York City police officer is in critical condition and another is stable after a man with a hatchet…

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The Rabbi and the Friar »

Fr. Benedict Groeschel, whose death we all mourn, lived at Trinity House in Larchmont, a hundred yards from my late…

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China seeks stronger military ties with Iran »


China’s defense minister said Thursday the world’s most populous country is “ready to enhance” military ties with Iran. Iran is under…

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Muslim Extremists Kill 31 Christians in Taraba State, Nigeria »


The Rev. Caleb Ahema, president of the Christian Reformed Church of Christ in Nigeria. (Morning Star News) JOS, Nigeria (Morning Star…

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US scrambling jets almost daily to repel Russian threats… »

Russian military provocations have increased so much over the seven months since Moscow annexed Crimea from Ukraine that Washington and…

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Sweden ready to ‘use anything’ to force mystery sub to surface »

(CNN) -- Sweden won't exactly confirm that it's been looking for a foreign submarine in the country's territorial waters. But if…

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DOCUMENTS: Dangerous criminals among illegals released by feds… »

New records contradict the Obama administration's assurances to Congress and the public that the 2,200 people it freed from immigration…

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Blasphemous Books and Materials to be distributed to FL Public Schools »


The Freedom From Religion Foundation, an atheist group, is planning to hand out in several Florida public high schools a…

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Scent of a Comet is ‘Suffocating': Rotten Eggs and Embalming Fluid »

The Rosetta comet orbiter (and soon lander) has spent the last couple months sniffing the scent of the Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet,…

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Bristol Palin Punches Man, Keeps Manicure Intact »

Last month the former governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, and her family attended a birthday party in Anchorage that went…

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Mother of Ottawa Shooter: I’m Crying For Victims, Not My Son »

The mother of Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, the converted name of the man alleged to be the shooter involved in the attack Wednesday…

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ACLU: N. Idaho chapel now a religious organization »

The American Civil Liberties Union of Idaho says it will not challenge a northern Idaho wedding chapel’s refusal to conduct gay marriages because the chapel is no longer a public business.…

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Muslim New Year begins with reflection, prayer »

The Islamic new year begins Friday, a time for Muslims to reflect on the past 12 months and remember the origins of their faith. Called Muharram, the first month of the Muslim New Year (which is now 1436) runs through Nov. 23. “The Muslim New…

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MSNBC Botches Spelling Of ‘Ottawa’ During Standing Ovation »

The word “Ottawa” has been one of the hottest words across the Internet for the last 24 hours since the terrorist shooting at the Parliament building, which took the life of a Canadian soldier. But MSNBC cannot spell.…

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Young Captured ISIS Fighters Describe Atrocities »


CBS reporter Holly Williams is in northern Syria interviewing men in a Kurdish prison accused of being ISIS terrorists. The terrified prisoners were led blindfolded into a basement one by one so she could ask them questions. One man, Suleiman Mohanned, who is accused of…

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Undercover video shows progressives condoning voter fraud »

Undercover video shows progressives condoning voter fraud

DENVER — A Project Veritas undercover video released Wednesday shows pro-Democrat field workers in Colorado discussing ways to commit voter fraud under the state’s new all-mail election system.…

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St. Crispin’s Day for Catechists »


Tomorrow is St. Crispin’s day – yes, that St. Crispin’s day. The one forever enshrined in Shakespeare’s Henry V. It’s not on the universal calendar as far as the Church is concerned, but it’s definitely on the universal calendar of those with any kind of…

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Noah in the Time of Ebola »

One chapter in the story of Ebola may be coming to an end as those in Dallas who had been singled out to be monitored after contact or potential contact with the stricken Thomas Eric Duncan now are cleared. The two Dallas nurses who have…

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Protesters in Hong Kong to vote on government proposals »


HONG KONG (Reuters) – Pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong say they will hold a straw poll on government proposals they had rejected earlier in the week as the campaign in the Chinese-controlled city entered the fifth week on Friday.…

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Deadly bus crash in Nepal: Ministry of Foreign Affairs checking if Israelis involved »

In total, there were 60 people on the bus that reportedly fell fifty meters into an abyss.…

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Faith Formation Spurs “New Evangelization” with Pro-Life Training in Taiwan »


ASPAC 2015 Committee Members pose with Father Boquet and Dr. Ligaya Acosta Missionary work, though a privilege, can be exhaustive, but time is of the…

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Catholic Vote ad tells Udall that women are more than just our bodies »

In a new election ad, Catholic Vote features a woman – Rachel – who says it’s “dishonest and condescending” for politicians to act like there’s a War…

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UN Survey on Women Recommends Global Legalization of Abortion »

The United Nations office dedicated to women, UN Women, has release a new survey The Role of Women in Development 2014: Gender Equality and Sustainable…

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Pregnancy centers, not politics – the future of the pro-life movement »


Front Royal, Va., Oct 24, 2014 / 02:04 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Amid the chilling dark chaos of a woman’s unwanted and unexpected pregnancy, a group…

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Crescendo Director Hopes it Will Become Most Watched Pro-Life Themed Film in History »


Earlier this week, the award-winning, pro-life film, Crescendo, was released on YouTube. The film has received the Crystal Heart Award at the Heartland Film Festival,…

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The Real War on Women »

For the past several years the opponents of life have been hard at work convincing a gullible public that those who oppose child killing by…

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VATICAN RV67_Thumbnail

Blessed Paul VI: ‘Populorum Progressio’

(Vatican Radio) In 1967 Blessed Paul VI promulgates his social encyclical ‘Populorum Progressio’ on the development of peoples. In this document the Pope calls for all nations to initiate dialogue and collaboration so developing countries no…

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How a reproductive health pioneer became an ‘instant convert’ reading Humanae Vitae

Vatican City, Oct 23, 2014 / 11:05 am (CNA/EWTN News).- As founders of an institute studying reproductive healthcare, Thomas and Susan Hilgers have seen the benefits that natural family planning can offer in the realms of…

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How Catholics and other Christians are faring in Egypt and in Libya

The Catholic Director of Communications in Egypt, Fr. Rafik Greiche,  has told the Catholic Charity, “AID to the Church in Need,” that Christians in the country are afraid of the Islamic militants based in neighboring Libya,…

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Cardinal Sarah: Crisis of Today’s Families Is How Concepts of Marriage, Family Have Changed

While saying that the Holy Father sees that families today have been attacked and feels their pain and brokenness, Cardinal Robert Sarah has reaffirmed that we must strongly and firmly defend the Church teachings given to…

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Pope at Santa Marta: The limitless language of God’s love

(Vatican Radio) “We cannot be Christians without the grace of the Holy Spirit” who gives us the strength to love, said Pope Francis at Mass Thursday morning at Santa Marta. Emer McCarthy reports: Pope Francis centered…

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Pope Francis: A Grateful Heart is a Happy Heart

While speaking on the beauty of the unity of the Church at his weekly General Audience, Pope Francis also used the occasion to remind the faithful to not give into those actions which divide it, such…

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Janet Smith: Church Has ‘Best Explanation of Sexuality’ for Students, Society

Students at Catholic universities are “greatly cheated” if they don’t come away with an understanding of what the Church teaches on morality and human sexuality, said Dr. Janet Smith. More……

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US civil rights commissioner to Houston mayor: Withdraw subpoenas of pastors

Member of U.S. Commission on Civil Rights asks Mayor Annise Parker to withdraw demand for pastors’ speeches, private communications…

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US civil rights commissioner to Houston mayor: Withdraw subpoenas of pastors

HOUSTON – A U.S. civil rights commissioner issued a letter Wednesday to Houston Mayor Annise Parker that asks her to withdraw the city’s subpoenas for 17 different forms of private communications belonging to five pastors as…

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George Weigel: Catholic Colleges Exist to Equip Disciples for Mission

“Catholic institutions of higher learning exist to equip disciples for mission and to be witnesses to Christ,” George Weigel told students during a recent talk at Franciscan University of Steubenville. More……

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Federal civil rights official calls Houston pastor subpoenas ‘abuse of government power’

A member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights in a letter Wednesday called Houston Mayor Annise Parker’s subpoena of church pastors “an abuse of government power” and urged the mayor to withdraw the court documents.…

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3 Schoolgirls’ Attraction to ISIS Reveals 24/7 Security Concern

News that three teen-age schoolgirls from the Denver area skipped class and headed off to join the Islamic State terrorist group in Syria isn’t as surprising as it first appears, a national security expert says. “This…

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New to The Newman Guide: The International Theological Institute

At the International Theological Institute (ITI) “Catholicism is practically the air you breathe,” alumnus Max Becher, who also works as U.S. director of recruitment for ITI, recently told The Cardinal Newman Society in an interview. More……

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POLITICS DNC head stumbles on Obama question

DNC head stumbles on Obama question

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), who heads the Democratic National Committee (DNC), couldn't come up with even one example to back her claim.…

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Over 15,000 ‘Fast and Furious’ records withheld under Obama executive privilege

President Obama is claiming executive privilege to withhold over 15,000 documents detailing the “Operation Fast and Furious” gun-walking scandal, including email conversations between Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. and his wife. Watchdog group Judicial Watch…

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Shaheen Admits She Was ‘Deciding Vote’ for Obamacare

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D., N.H.) admitted she was the “deciding vote” in passing Obamacare during a debate with Republican challenger Scott Brown on Thursday. “She was the deciding vote,” Brown said. Shaheen looked visibly offended. “There…

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Michelle Flubs second Dem’s bio

It’s obvious many Democrats seeking re-election want President Obama far away from the campaign trail. His wife Michelle might be next if she continues flubbing the biographies of Democrats in stump speeches.…

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It’s Time To Stand For Something

With the midterm elections just weeks away, the numbers indicate that Republicans are pretty well positioned to take control of the Senate. While this is good news, in that it…

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Kay Hagan: ‘Obama Has A Lot On His Plate’ Like The BP Oil Spill

Kay Hagan: ‘Obama Has A Lot On His Plate’ Like The BP Oil Spill

According to Sen. Kay Hagan (D., N.C.), President Obama has not achieved anything in the past four years. MSNBC reporter Kasie Hunt asked Hagan about President Obama’s leadership on Tuesday during a campaign stop in Wilson,…

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Obama: ‘We’re all shaken’ by Ottawa

President says it’s unclear whether shootings are related to terrorism.…

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Six in quarantine in Connecticut as U.S. steps up Ebola checks

WEST HAVEN, Conn. (Reuters) – Connecticut placed six West Africans who recently arrived in the United States under quarantine for possible Ebola exposure, a move that comes as the United States starts new restrictions on those…

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Audi Airbags fail to deploy 850000 Cars Recalled

The recall of A4s from 2013-15 model years includes about 102,000 cars in the United States. The software problem was caught during standard quality testing, and the company has no reports of related accidents, said Bradley…

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Autopsy of Ferguson teen shows close-range gunshot

(Reuters) – The official autopsy on an unarmed black teenager whose killing by a white police officer in August set off protests in Ferguson, Missouri, suggests he sustained a gunshot wound to the hand from close…

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Crowdfunding campaign aims to raise $1 million for Iraqi Christians

Washington D.C., Oct 22, 2014 / 08:35 pm (CNA).- A Catholic lay organization has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise awareness and money to help persecuted Christians and other minorities in Iraq. “How can common lay…

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U.S. holds test on Aegis tracking capability

Washington (UPI) Oct 21, 2014 The U.S. military has demonstrated that Lockheed Martin’s Aegis weapon system can destroy a ballistic missile solely on tracks from remote airborne sensors. Results of the demonstration by the Ballistic Missile…

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Autopsy: Michael Brown initially shot at close range

Michael Brown, the 18-year-old black man whose fatal shooting by a white police officer in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson in August touched off weeks of racially-charged rioting, had marijuana in his system, was initially…

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Ottawa shooter had “connections” to jihadists

“According to a U.S. counterterrorism source, Zehaf-Bibeau was connected to Hasibullah Yusufzai through social media. Yusufzai is wanted by Canadian authorities for traveling overseas to fight alongside Islamist fighters in Syria, The Globe and Mail, a…

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Suspicious substance reported at Canadian Consulate in Istanbul

(CNN) -- Turkish authorities are investigating a suspicious substance at the Canadian Consulate in Istanbul, and unspecified security incidents also are being investigated at two other foreign consulates in Turkey's largest city, the country's emergency management…

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Vatican reorganizes Montecassino, mother abbey of the Benedictines

Montecassino, Italy, Oct 24, 2014 / 12:36 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Pope Francis on Thursday appointed a new Abbot of Montecassino – the first monastery built by St. Benedict – and at the same time reduced the…

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VATICAN – Pope: "Every Christian, throughout history, is tasked with building unity in the Church"

Unity is built on the “cornerstone” that is Jesus and is made possible through the Holy Spirit. “When you constructing a building you need an architect’s ground plan. What is the ground plan for the unity…

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Cardinal Kasper claims majority support Communion for Catholics who are divorced and remarried

Cardinal Walter Kasper has claimed that although the final votes at the Synod of Bishops were “totally weird,” a majority of bishops would favor his proposal to allow Communion for Catholics who are divorced and remarried.…

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VATICAN – Pope for the abolition of the death penalty, against life in prison, a "concealed death penalty"

In a speech before a delegation of the International Association of Penal Law, Francis expressed his opposition to pre-trial detention “when it abusively anticipates imprisonment before conviction”. Slavery is not just “treason against humanity;” is a…

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Odd distribution of organics in Titan’s atmosphere could be a sign of extraterrestrial life

A recent, brief observation of Saturn’s moon Titan revealed unusual groupings of organic molecules in the atmosphere. ALMA image of the distribution of molecules in Titan’s atmosphere. (Credit: Credit: NRAO/AUI/NSF; M. Cordiner (NASA) et al.) Scientists…

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Whistleblowers Expose USAID’s Pervasive Hidden Failures

Internal documents and whistleblowers reveal that the U.S. Office of the Inspector General, which is tasked with overseeing the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)’s billions in civilian foreign aid, is abrogating its watchdog duties by…

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UK ‘aid for executions’ in spotlight as Pakistan set to restart hangings

More than a hundred prisoners apprehended in UK-funded drug arrests are now facing execution in Pakistan, after a judge scheduled a hanging that would end the country’s 2-year death penalty moratorium. A one-month stay of execution…

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Flare Alert: Monster Sunspot Turns Toward Earth

Amateur astronomers have been wowed by a vast sunspot that has rotated to face Earth, the largest since this solar cycle began in 2008, and solar observatories (on the ground and orbiting Earth) are closely monitoring…

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Obama Sees an Iran Deal That Could Avoid Congress

WASHINGTON — No one knows if the Obama administration will manage in the next five weeks to strike what many in the White House consider the most important foreign policy deal of his presidency…

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Airborne Transmission of Ebola Highly Unlikely, Experts Say

No threat foreseen from public sniffles, coughs…

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Family dinner of deadly pufferfish leaves 11 paralysed and fighting for their lives

The Souza family tucked in to the deadly fish they were given by a friend who had returned from a day's sea fishing near their home in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.…

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Monsanto To Keep Selling Pesticide-Coated Seeds EPA Says Don’t Help Yields ? And May Harm Bees

Monsanto will continue selling soybean seeds coated with pesticides that have been linked to honey bee deaths, even though the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency found the seeds do not improve yields.…

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Mali Confirms First Ebola Case 2-Year-Old Tests Positive

Mali Confirms First Ebola Case 2-Year-Old Tests Positive A two-year-old girl in Mali has tested positive for ebola. The Malian government has confirmed the first case of the deadly haemorrhagic virus in the country. According to…

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Fight Obesity: Eat a Family Meal Together

  The family that eats together, fights childhood obesity together, according a new study from researchers at the University of Minnesota.  …

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UNEXPLAINED 635496946790136904-potty

Potty peeper sues jail for discrimination

A man who hid in the tank of a portable toilet at a yoga festival in 2011 to spy on women is suing the Boulder County Jail and the sheriff’s office for discrimination.           …

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Police Kill Man With Hatchet

A hatchet-wielding man who charged at four rookie New York City police officers on Thursday as they posed for a photograph on a Queens street was shot and killed after he struck one of the officers…

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Romanian princess, husband sentenced for Oregon cockfighting ring

PORTLAND Ore. (Reuters) – A princess fifth in line for the Romanian throne and her husband who admitted running a cockfighting ring in rural Oregon have both sentenced to probation and ordered to forfeit $200,000 from…

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Toddler stuck inside toy machine rescued

MARYVILLE, Tenn. — A curious toddler got an insider’s look at a toy machine when he climbed in and got stuck.        …

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Pope Francis to investigate ‘playboy priests’ who posed naked online

A Catholic church representative is to probe the 'black sheep' diocese of Albenga-Imperia for alleged sexual harassment of parishioners and involvement in pornography …

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Man Faked coma for 2 years

A British fraudster who pretended to be quadriplegic and sometimes comatose for two years to avoid prosecution has been convicted after police caught him on camera driving and strolling around supermarkets.…

2:49 pm / Read More »

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