Sony Thanks Theater-Goers for ‘The Interview’s’ $1M Release »

Hundreds of screenings of “The Interview” were sold out in less than 24 hours on Christmas Day despite Sony releasing the film online on Christmas Eve. Go to Source Author:…

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“Hate crime”: Baby Jesus stolen from church nativity scene, replaced with pig’s head »

From  A baby Jesus statue at a Haverhill church’s nativity scene was taken and replaced with a “freshly decapitated” pig’s head on Christmas morning, police said. John Delaney, the…

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Third priest killed in dangerous southern Mexico »

MEXICO CITY (AP) — A priest was found dead of a gunshot wound to the head, his diocese said Friday, marking the latest in series of abductions, attacks and highway…

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Transit Officers Help Woman Deliver Baby on Train »

Two transit officers in Philadelphia helped a woman deliver a baby Thursday while on board a train, reports ABC News station WPVI. Go to Source Author:…

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Man shot with stun gun dies at US border crossing »

SAN DIEGO (AP) — A 40-year-old U.S. citizen died after a border inspector shot him with a stun gun at the nation's busiest crossing, authorities said Thursday. …

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PlayStation, Xbox users forced offline in possible attack »

(CNN) -- Sony's PlayStation and Microsoft's Xbox Live gaming networks experienced widespread problems on Christmas Day as a hacker group claimed responsibility for what it said was an attack.…

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Woman Snaps! “Happy Holidays from the Satanic Temple” »

TALLAHASSEE | Florida's Capitol has displayed a Pabst Blue Ribbon Festivus pole, atheist banners and even a tribute to the Flying Spaghetti Monster. But a dis­­-play showing an angel falling…

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Mexicans Rally After a Priest Is Kidnapped »

MEXICO CITY — Dozens of Roman Catholic clergy members and hundreds of parishioners marched through Ciudad Altamirano in southern Mexico on Wednesday to demand the release of a kidnapped priest…

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Mexican Catholics protest kidnap of priest »

Dozens of Roman Catholic clergy members and hundreds of parishioners marched through Ciudad Altamirano in southern Mexico on Wednesday to demand the release of a kidnapped priest and to protest…

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Filipino City Law Requires Bible Verse on Taxis; Officials Credit Scripture for Low Crime Rate, Peace »

Taxi drivers working in the small Filipino tourist island city of Tagbilaran are required by law to have a biblical scripture painted on the back of their three-wheeled motorcycle cabs…

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Pope condemns religious persecution in Christmas address »

Pope Francis on Thursday roundly condemned jihadist violence and the “brutal persecution” of religious minorities in a Christmas message to the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics and millions of others. His…

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Black churches pray in protest of police slayings »

NEW YORK (AP) — Congregants in African-American churches across the country wore black to Sunday services and prayed over the men in attendance in… Go to Source Author: AP News…

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The NYPD Is Facing A Wave Of Violent Threats Against Officers »

The New York City Police Department has arrested six people in the past five days for making threats against officers. These arrests have come out of “about 40 threat investigations”…

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US traveler released from East Timor jail »

By STEVEN DUBOIS PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — A U.S. traveler detained for months in East Timor has been released from prison. read more Go to Source Author: superadm…

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Tyson Trolls Christians on Christmas »

The well-known scientist gave the Internet a little gift on Thursday morning—and took his feud with conservatives to another level. Go to Source Author: Ben Jacobs…

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Holy See calls for action on climate change »

At a recent United Nations conference devoted to climate change, the Holy See’s representative said that “the critical problem of global warming is inextricably bound to the search for ……

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Report: priests tortured in eastern Ukraine »

Rebels in Donetsk, a city of 975,000 that has been a center of separatist activity in eastern Ukraine, have occupied 11 out of the 67 parishes of the Ukrainian Greek…

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Christ: the Great Redeemer »

Listen to Revd William Macleod speak about Christ, the Great Redeemer who redeems his people from the moral poverty and slavery of sin. Listen now Download DOWNLOAD MP3 Go to…

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Pope Francis: Christ’s birth more powerful than history of sin »

Vatican City, Dec 24, 2014 / 02:59 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- The birth of Jesus – a light that shattered the world’s darkness on Christmas night – witnesses to God’s love…

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For Iraqi Christian family, a grim Christmas far from home »

For 40-year-old Ghassan, who shares a small, damp Baghdad classroom with nine relatives, Christmas this year is offering little to celebrate. “There is no Christmas here,” he says, his eyes…

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CUNY Newpaper Editor Defends Call For Violent Protests »

Editor-in-chief of the CUNY graduate school student paper Gordon Barnes, defended his call for violent protests in response to the deaths of…

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Christian refugees from Iraq celebrate Christmas in Jordan »


Here is a brief report from the BBC on how … Go to Source Author: The Right Scoop…

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Woman actually intends to be Kansas City’s first female Catholic priest »

In a few days Georgia Walker, at age 67, intends to become a priest, at which point she will be…

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Morocco bans “Exodus: Gods and Kings” »

Rabat (AFP) - Morocco has banned cinemas from showing the biblical epic "Exodus: Gods and Kings" just one day before…

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A Christmas Miracle: Utah police surprise motorists with cash instead of tickets »

Motorists pulled over for minor traffic infractions in Enoch, Utah, were on the receiving end of a Christmas miracle this…

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Cops Approach Random Citizens, Issue $50 Bills »

Cops in Iowa indiscriminately pulled drivers over and knocked on the doors of random houses, targeting innocent citizens going about…

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Topless FEMEN activist ‘kidnaps’ Baby Jesus from Vatican nativity scene »


A topless FEMEN protester tried to kidnap Baby Jesus from the manger at St. Peter's Square in Vatican City after…

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Police Body Cam Records Moment Officer Saves Childs Life »

Surveillance video at Green Valley Grocery in Mesquite, Nevada caught Officer Quinn Averett, an off duty police officer giving a little…

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NY Times Christmas Day Op-ed Page: No Believers, Two Atheists »

Couldn’t the New York Times give it a rest on Christmas Day and feature a column by a believing Christian? No, it…

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Saudi Arabia Rocked by Huge Deficits as Oil Plunges »

Saudi Arabia announced a 2015 budget with a huge deficit Thursday as the world’s largest crude exporter begins to feel…

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California County Threatens HUGE Fines for Having TOO MANY Christmas Decorations »

(CBS News) – Orange County is threatening substantial fines to one neighborhood over their extreme Christmas decorations. Twenty-one residents in…

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Thank you, Christian professor and scientist, for showing us Darwin’s light »


Slate’s Will Saletan has a feature on a professor you’ve probably never heard of, but who is portrayed as a…

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Obama: Jesus Is ‘A Son of God’ »

Speaking to a group of Christian clergy at the Easter Prayer Breakfast he hosted at the White House on Wednesday,…

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Teenage girl arrested with suicide bomb strapped to her says she was handed over to Boko Haram extremists by her parents »

The girl, who was identified as Zahra’u Babangida, was arrested in Kano on December 10 following a double suicide bombing…

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Love is Born on Christmas Morn and the World is Born Again »

The Gospels proclaimed at the Vigil and the Midnight Mass of Christmas root the wonderful Feast we celebrate today, the…

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LGBT activist, lesbian hired as Stanford religion dean »

(Campus Reform) The church needs to focus more on art and less on religion and converting people in an effort…

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Keeping the Memory of Christmas and Resisting the Siren Call of Our Culture »

Joy to the world, the Lord is come!  Let earth receive her King!  Merry Christmas!  It is a wonderful day…

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JetBlue makes a first-class offer to police wanting to attend NYPD funerals »


Airline company JetBlue is offering police officers across the country free airfare to attend services for slain NYPD cops Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu. The deal allows up to two officers from any police force in the country to fly into New York City via…

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Secularism killing Ghanaians – Anglican Priest »

Very Reverend Emmanuel Entsi- Williams, Dean of Christ Church Anglican Cathedral, Cape Coast, has observed that secularism, which he explained as the inclination to worldly things was rife and killing Ghanaians. …

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11-Year-Old Israeli Girl Burned Over 50% of Head and Body in Muslim Firebombing »


The media loves to run photographs glorifying Muslim racist settlers throwing Molotov cocktails and stones at Jews in Israel. Except these aren’t protest methods. They’re inefficient murder attempts. Most of the time they don’t kill someone. Sometimes they find a victim young or old enough.…

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Fontgombault Sermon: Christmas Midnight Mass – Why do Nativity Scenes cause such scandal and hatred? »

Christmas Midnight Mass Sermon of the Right Reverend Dom Jean Pateau Abbot of Our Lady of Fontgombault Fontgombault, December 25, 2014 Natus est vobis hodie Salvator. For unto you is born this day a Saviour. (Lk 2:11) Dear Brothers and Sisters, My dearly beloved Sons,…

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The Nativity: Part I of II »


THE NATIVITY: Part I of II “And it came to pass that in those days there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus, that the whole world should be enrolled. This enrolling was first done by Cyrenius, the governor of Syria. And all went to…

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GOP moves early to court conservative Christians »

(CNN) — The first votes of the 2016 campaign won’t be cast for another year but there’s already a race well underway: The Christian primary. Republicans are actively courting white evangelical and born again Christian voters, knowing they will be crucial in early-voting states such…

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Duggars don’t put up a Christmas tree »

(DAILYMAIL) — They don’t have a Christmas tree. Instead, there’s a large homemade Happy Birthday Jesus banner. And just in time for December 25, the Duggar family shared their holiday traditions with People magazine, giving their fans an inside look at their festivities. Eldest child…

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Pope: Christmas is reminder to heal wounds, fix defects, play with kids »

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Christmas is the time to heal wounds and fix whatever defects still linger in one’s life and heart, Pope Francis told Vatican employees. Go to Source Author:…

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A Must-Read for Parents: Restoring Tradition in Christmas »

Reposting this from 2012, but still timeless: From our friends at The Remnant comes a blueprint for Catholic parents as only Michael Matt can explain it — a how-to guide to eliminate both the extremes of commercialism and Puritanism from Christmas and raise a generation…

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Christmas invites reconciliation with God »

The office is now closed for the Christmas Holiday. All have gone home to their families and are looking forward to a long weekend. The prayer which we have been praying since the feast of St. Andrew is focused on the midnight hour on Christmas…

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Can you question the Virgin Birth and still be a Christian? »

You can equivocate about other biblical miracles, such as whether Mary’s son was really able to turn water into wine, but the Virgin Birth must be accepted as gospel. Go to Source Author: Kimberly Winston…

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Christmas Miracle: an escape from Nazis on Christmas Eve »

In the Dec. 14 issue of St. Anthony Messenger, a rabbi and the magazine’s editor recount the story of a Christmas miracle that happened to a young Jewish woman. The woman was the mother of the article’s co-writer, Rabbi Abie Ingber, executive director of the Center…

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We Must Defend the Family »


“The Future of Humanity Passes by Way of the Family” by Father Shenan J. Boquet, President of Human Life International: “To you, upright men and women, who for any reason whatever, give thought to the fate of the family. The future of humanity passes by…

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Professor: ‘Elf on the Shelf’ Teaches Kids to Bow to Surveillance by ‘Hegemonic Power’ »

Liberal newspapers like The Washington Post will grant a wide berth to leftist academics on their silliest-sounding ideas. I found this gem in my Washington Post Express tabloid the other day. Post reporter Peter Holley asked this question about the “Elf on the Shelf” phenomenon:…

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A Woman Changed By Grace »

Some place, some time there was a woman who woke alone on Christmas Day. The cachinnation in the club from the night before still rattled in her ears, the smell of cocktails rancid on her breath, makeup chalky, long hair awry. She’d hoped someone would…

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Faithful flock to Bethlehem for Christmas »

Several thousand Christian pilgrims flocked to Bethlehem for Christmas Eve celebrations at the traditional birthplace of Jesus. Go to Source Author: Daniel Estrin…

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A Chrismas Poem by G.K. Chesterton »


There fared a mother driven forth Out of an inn to roam; In the place where she was homeless All men are at home. The crazy stable close at hand, With shaking timber and shifting sand, Grew a stronger thing to abide and stand Than…

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How God Gave a Sick Woman a Healing Ministry »

In 1973, I was working as the head nurse of an orthopedic unit at Chicago General Hospital. It had been 10 years since I had left my Christian home in Ontario, Canada, to enroll in Bible school after finishing nurses training. My purpose had been…

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“Watershed Moments: Jesus’ Birth and Our Own” (Sermon for Christmas Day; John 1:1-18, Titus 3:4-7) »

“Watershed Moments: Jesus’ Birth and Our Own” (John 1:1-18; Titus 3:4-7)Today is Christmas Day. This is the day for celebrating the greatest birth in the history of the world, the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The birth of Christ marks the watershed…

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Merry Christmas From Afghanistan »

Seasons greetings from CAAT 1, WPNS CO, 2nd Battalion 2nd Marines. (filmed on site at Alpha 1) (As it pans across the platoon halfway through, please excuse them looking like they’re watching a crucifixion; by this point they’ve heard the song several hundred times Merry…

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Abortionist faces licensing board in Indiana »

An Indiana abortionist who received a slap on the wrist still faces a hearing before the state licensing board. Go to Source Author:…

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Bull’s-eye! Violence stalks pro-life protesters »


Pro-life activist Jim Pouillon. By Alex Newman It was Sept. 11, 2009, just outside a high school in the small Michigan town of Owosso when…

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Freaky Pro-abortion reverend calls pro-lifers “wolves” and “false prophets” in Christmas greeting »


The Reverend Harry Knox insists that pro-lifers are the wolves in sheep’s clothing Jesus warned about, and that we bear false witness. The not-very-reverent Rev.…

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Planned Parenthood wishes Helms Amendment an “unhappy birthday” »

Planned Parenthood wishes Helms Amendment an “unhappy birthday”

When Planned Parenthood can’t bully its way to what it wants, it can still wish ill upon things that don’t go their way. Like the…

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Video: Hecklers interrupt abortion debate, get unexpected rebuke »

Video: Hecklers interrupt abortion debate, get unexpected rebuke

A University of Victoria abortion debate was interrupted by pro-abortion hecklers who did not feel that abortion “was up for discussion.” As a result, they…

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Organization supporting physician assisted suicide tricks pro-lifers into signing petition »

When Katie Buck signed an online sympathy card for cancer patient Brittany Maynard, she had no idea her name would be placed on a petition…

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Christmas Reflections and Resources »

Christmas, then, is about the Gospel of Life. It is about the hope of eternal life offered through the birth of a child, and through…

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7 images that prove the humanity of preborn children »


Images shape dialogue, and dialogue births change. Photographs that capture the Great Depression, the Holocaust, and the Civil Rights Movement are not only a testament…

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Scientific Proof That We Can Heal Ourselves »

The placebo effect is concrete evidence that the body has its own innate self repair system. A study was conducted with 3500 participants who had…

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U.S. colonel’s wife calls abortion a “fearfully frequent National crime” in 1871 »

In the 20th century, we dealt with the disgrace of human abortion becoming sanctified by national law, and this continues today. But abortion has for…

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National Prayer Event to honor trio for spreading awareness of link between abortion and breast cancer »

Three pro-life activists who have dedicated their careers to exposing the abortion-breast cancer (ABC) link will be honored with the National Pro-Life Recognition Award during…

7:16 am / Comments Off / Read More »

Lead Nonprofit Case against HHS Mandate Moves Forward »

Washington, DC – Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, announced today that its case is moving forward in the federal courts to…

7:14 am / Comments Off / Read More »

They Sang Christmas Carols at an Abortion Clinic, You’ll be Amazed What Happened »


Since 2003, the Pro-Life Action League has held an “Empty Manger” Christmas caroling day outside abortion clinics in our headquarters city of Chicago and the…

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Abortion Clinics Offer Women “Grief and Burial Support” After Aborting Their Babies »


A Washington State abortion clinic chain advertises that they offer women bereavement resources and services and grief counseling. What exactly would a woman grieve after…

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VATICAN Pope_Francis_celebrates_Christmas_Eve_Mass_in_St_Peters_Basilica_on_Dec_24_2014_Credit_Lauren_Cater_CNA

The Pope’s Christmas prayer – deliver children who suffer due to violence

Vatican City, Dec 25, 2014 / 05:01 am (CNA/EWTN News).- In his Christmas “Urbi et Orbi” blessing Pope Francis prayed for all affected by war and conflict, asking that the salvation of the infant Jesus be…

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You are not ‘lords of the manor': Pope Francis’ tough words to curia

Vatican City, Dec 24, 2014 / 11:04 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Pope Francis issued a strong message to members of the curia this week, warning them against careerism and urging them to live the reality of the…

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A Christmas with tears – Pope Francis’ words to Middle East

Vatican City, Dec 23, 2014 / 10:20 am (CNA/EWTN News).- In a Christmas message to Christians of the Middle East, Pope Francis grieved the violence that has ravaged and displaced many of the region’s faithful. But…

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In Speech to Curia, Pope Offers Conscience Exam to Prepare for Confession

Pope Francis’ speech to the Curia today was presented in some forums and headlines as the Pope “denouncing” ailments characteristic of the “Church’s governing body.” The Holy Father himself, though, characterized his reflection not as a…

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Pope Francis: ‘Faith Moves Mountains’

As Christmas Day is right around the corner, Pope Francis is affirming that faith can truly “move mountains.” Speaking to nearly 8,000 members and associates of the Pope Saint John XXIII Community on Saturday in the…

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Pope Gives 9 Tips to Vatican Employees

Pope Francis is calling on Vatican employees to examine which areas of their lives need healing. Expressing his heartfelt thanks to each and best wishes for Christmas, the Pope addressed the employees today. He encouraged them…

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Hungary’s New Refugee Crisis

(Vatican Radio) Hungarian villages near the border with Serbia are overwhelmed by refugees. Hungary appears to be the choice of a growing group of asylum seekers to enter the European Union with the Mediterranean Sea becoming…

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Thomas Aquinas College Students Perform Entire Handel’s Messiah

The December 5 presentation was a part of TAC’s annual Advent Concert, one of the many events held at faithful Catholic colleges across the country to prepare for and celebrate the upcoming Christmas season. More… Go…

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BJP Can Do More to Protect Religious Freedom in India

The state of religious freedom in India is in question after a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) member of parliament declared that on Christmas Day he would host a Hindu conversion ceremony, a ceremony where Christians and Muslims are…

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‘Politicians must speak out on persecution’ – top Labour MP

Politicians fail to speak out against attacks on Christians around the world because of a “misplaced sense of political correctness”, a leading Labour MP has warned. Shadow Foreign Secretary Douglas Alexander said that “anti-Christian persecution must…

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Power of prayer extolled in Parliament as Bill advances

A Bill about councils’ “freedom to pray” has received support from the Government and the Labour Party. During a debate on the issue, Jake Berry MP, who proposed the Bill, encouraged public officials to reflect on…

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Father Abraham first heard God 21 centuries before a star rose above Bethlehem. We now live in the 21st Century after. At the center of all faith, Christ is born. “For while gentle silence enveloped all…

5:14 am / Read More »

ADF to Italy: Rogue mayors have no authority to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples

ROME – Alliance Defending Freedom has sent the government of Italy a letter and legal memo regarding mayors who are disregarding Italian law and government orders by registering same-sex marriages performed abroad. Italy recognizes neither marriages…

4:53 am / Read More »

Christmas gift for Ariz. Christian day care: $25K tax bill reversed

ADF, allied attorney represent church-run school in Surprise that had been sacked with unwarranted taxes Go to Source Author:…

4:52 am / Read More »

IRS mistakenly penalizes Christine O’Donnell 2nd time

(Washington Times) Adding to the long-running saga of IRS dealings with conservatives, former Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell says the tax agency punished her mistakenly for the second time in five years by imposing an erroneous levy…

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Ferguson-Garner Protesters To Arm Themselves And Wage War Against Cops Called for by CUNY Newspaper Editor

So apparently both white people and police officers should just ignore this little gem from a peaceful little article called “In Support of Violence”. Or NAH : If a white Go to Source Author: Katie McGuire…

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Michigan’s population creeping up as autos recover

DETROIT (AP) – After years of declining population, industrial Michigan finally seems to be on track toward growth again, the state’s demographer says. The U.S. Census reported this month that Michigan’s population rose a razor-thin 0.1…

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Blood-donor rules bent by ‘politics’

  A decision by the Food and Drug Administration to move forward with a plan to allow “men who have sex with men” to donate blood under certain conditions amounts to caving to a social and…

7:11 am / Read More »

Afghans hope for change after bloody year

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) – When Graeme Smith arrived in Afghanistan in 2005, he drove across the country from Kabul south to the Talban’s former capital Kandahar on a newly paved road that cut travelling time from…

6:38 am / Read More »

NIH Spending $433,577 to Find Out What Kids Think of Fat Characters in Movies

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is spending almost a half million dollars to determine what children think about fat characters in movies. Children’s perceptions of “obesogenic” culture in films, or the promotion of excessive weight…

8:05 pm / Read More »

U.S. judge throws out Arizona sheriff’s immigration suit against Obama

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A federal judge on Tuesday threw out a lawsuit brought against Barack Obama by an Arizona police chief who called the U.S. president’s sweeping immigration reforms unconstitutional, saying the plaintiff lacked legal standing…

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Welcome to Congress, here’s your 500,000 letters

Can you scan through a letter, getting the gist of the message, in a minute or so? If Republican members of the U.S. House can reach and keep up that speed, they’ll each only have 33…

5:54 am / Read More »

Texas armored car driver accused of theft arrested in Colorado

(Reuters) – An armored car driver in Texas who abandoned his vehicle and made off with $200,000 has been arrested in Colorado on theft charges, and the missing money has been recovered, police said on Thursday.…

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Two more NY men arrested for threatening police after officers killed

(Reuters) – Two more men have been arrested for threatening New York police, including one who called the precinct headquarters of two officers killed as they sat in their patrol car and asked to speak to…

7:35 pm / Read More »

The Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate: Serene and Ever-Faithful to Christ and His Church

THE FRANCISCAN SISTERS OF THE IMMACULATE Official Notification From The Institute 20th December 2014 We prefer prayerful listening to The Word of God Incarnate, the only True and Eternal Word of the Father, to the voices…

9:50 am / Read More »

Four shot, one fatally, in downtown St. Louis

(Reuters) – A shooting at a downtown St. Louis convenience store on Wednesday left one person dead and three others badly wounded, police said. Go to Source Author:…

7:10 am / Read More »

Police shoot black teen at Missouri gas station

(Reuters) – An 18-year-old black teen was fatally shot by police at a gas station late on Tuesday in a St. Louis suburb near where unarmed teen Michael Brown was killed by a white officer in…

5:10 am / Read More »

Can astronomy explain the biblical Star of Bethlehem?

Can astronomy explain the biblical Star of Bethlehem? Bright stars top Christmas trees in Christian homes around much of the world. The faithful sing about the Star of Wonder that guided the wise men to a…

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Obama’s proposed college rating system assailed as vague, impractical

There’s ‘no actual formula or methodology’ for determining ratings, top Republican lawmaker warns The Department of Education’s draft rating system for colleges and universities, issued on Friday, has received mixed reactions from members of the higher education…

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Three men face attempted murder charges in Oregon school shooting

PORTLAND, Ore. (Reuters) – Three men suspected in a gang-related shooting this month outside an Oregon high school for homeless and other vulnerable students are facing attempted murder and other charges, Portland police said on Monday.…

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Teen Arrested For ‘Insulting’ President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Freedom of speech is no longer considered important in Turkey, run by Islamist President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. A 16-year-old boy has been arrested by police for making a speech that was critical of Erdogan. The boy…

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Turkish schoolboy arrested for ‘insulting’ President Erdogan

Teenager accuses government of corruption in speech that defends secularism and the foundations of the modern Turkish republic Go to Source Author:…

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UK’s Queen Elizabeth urges reconciliation in post-referendum Scotland

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain’s Queen Elizabeth used her annual Christmas Day broadcast on Thursday to advocate reconciliation, especially in Scotland where an unsuccessful independence referendum earlier this year polarized public opinion. Go to Source Author:…

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Mauritania condemns man to death for ‘insulting the prophet’

NOUAKCHOTT (Reuters) – Mauritania on Thursday condemned a man to death for “insulting the prophet”, a human rights group said, a day after the country opened the trial of an anti-slavery activist. Go to Source Author:…

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France: Conviction overturned of woman prosecuted for insulting Islam

The French decline to adopt Sharia — at least for now. The jihadis will keep trying to persuade them. “Court of Appeal Overturns Conviction of Woman Prosecuted for Insulting Islam,” by Oliver Lane, Breitbart, December 22,…

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Jihad-martyrdom suicide bomber in Iraqi army uniform murders 33 people south of Baghdad

Since he blew himself up near a group of Sunni pro-government fighters, it is unlikely that he was a Shi’ite, since the government in Baghdad is Shi’ite. He is more likely to have been a partisan…

7:22 am / Read More »

Bill would make everyone an organ donor

A bill in the Scottish parliament would make everyone in Scotland an organ donor unless they take specific actions to opt out. Will Mata, a spokesman for the Scottish Council on Human Bioethics, writing at,…

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Christmas message by Revd David Holloway

A Christmas message preached by Revd David Holloway of Jesmond Parish Church, Newcastle upon Tyne, on 14 December 2014. Listen now Download DOWNLOAD MP3 .blockquote {margin-left:20px; font-style:italic;} What do you believe about angels? A vicar about…

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Skyception: The Deception and Manipulation of Our Skies, Most Distant Massive Galaxy Cluster Discovered

Earth and Space Weather News Dec 26, 2014: Spaceweather; il Gioiello Cluster: NASA’s Chandra Weighs Most Massive Galaxy Cluster in Distant Universe; Skyception: The Deception and Manipulation of ‘We the People’ and our Skies Go to…

1:40 pm / Read More »

US military equipment being detoured for possible battle vs. ISIS

Battle against CIA-funded jihadists intensifies. Go to Source Author: Mikael Thalen…

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New warning over ‘potential hazards’ of loom bands

Parents need to be more aware of the dangers of loom bands amid the potential for the popular accessory to become lodged in children’s noses, a medical report has warned. Go to Source Author:…

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YouTube will now release The Interview TODAY

The Interview will be released on YouTube today starting at 10:00 a.m. PST, a day before it opens in selected theaters and is released on video on demand, allowing for a worldwide audience. Go to Source…

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The passenger spacecraft where you can sit in the cockpit for $95,000: New pictures reveal the XCOR Lynx space plane is getting close to completion 

XCOR hopes to fly its spacecraft next year – and could beat Virgin Galactic to ferry the first paying passengers into space. Go to Source Author:…

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Santa Claus at Indiana mall offers Christmas cheer by assisting soldier in Afghanistan and proposes to his girlfriend

Santa Claus got down on his knee at the Eastland Mall to propose to Kimberly Roberts for Sgt. Clint Underhill. Go to Source Author:…

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Queen will reveal she was stunned into silence as she walked among the poppies at the Tower of London that marked the First World War centenary

In her annual address to the nation, the Queen will reveal how she felt the ‘only possible reaction’ to walking among the sea of poppies at the WW1 centenary memorial in London was ‘silence’. Go to…

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Indiana witness considers ground responders were chasing UFO

An Indiana witness at New Albany reported watching and following a bright light UFO that appeared to get the attention of ground responders in all-terrain vehicles about 5:30 p.m. on December 22, 2014, according to testimony…

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Female veterans battling PTSD from sexual trauma

Thousands of female veterans are struggling to get health-care treatment and compensation from the Department of Veterans Affairs on the grounds that they suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder caused by sexual trauma in the military.…

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Monsanto’s Pesticide May Kill $2 Billion Wine Industry

Dow and Monsanto’s failed glyphosate-resistant crops have caused cotton farmers in Texas to reach for a new concoction of chemicals, namely 2,4-D and dicamba. They are threatening the viability of vineyards across Texas.…

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China to test its Ebola vaccine on humans

BEIJING: China today said it has developed a vaccine to combat the spread of deadly Ebola virus that has killed more than 7,000 people in three West African countries, and the test of the drug on…

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Up to a dozen U.S. scientists may have been exposed to misplaced Ebola sample at CDC lab in Atlanta

Up to a dozen workers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Atlanta campus may have been exposed to a misplaced sample of the Ebola virus. Go to Source Author:…

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Scientists Get Closer to Producing Egg, Sperm From Stem Cells

British researchers say they’ve gotten embryonic stem cells to turn into precursors to reproductive cells Go to Source Author:…

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Do Americans Eat and Drink Too Much Sugar?

Faced with mounting evidence about sugar’s harms, the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee this month recommended that people in the U.S. limit added sugars to a maximum of 10% of their total daily calories. Go to…

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CDC worker monitored for possible Ebola exposure in lab error

(Reuters) – A laboratory technician for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been placed under observation for possible exposure to the deadly Ebola virus due to an apparent mix-up in lab specimens, the…

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Organic food sales skyrocket across Australia, while GMOs lose traction

(NaturalNews) Known for having one of the most outstanding economies in the world, with consistent high growth, low interest rates and low inflation, Australia is no stranger to the booming organic food market. In fact, the…

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Captured Iraqi women strangling each other and killing themselves to escape rape

Terrified women captured by Islamic State thugs are strangling each other and killing themselves to escape rape and torture as sex slaves.…

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Ten-year-old boy mutilated and sacrificed in witchcraft ceremony

A 10-year-old boy was mutilated and sacrificed in a witchcraft ceremony, police have reportedly said. An Indian worker is alleged to have told officers that he murder the boy, identified as Pranshu, a third year standard student,…

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Walmart customers “unruly” after store closes, police called

Police from Miami Township were dispatched around 8 p.m. when several customers became upset and unruly when the Walmart in the 8800 block of Kingsridge Drive closed Wednesday for observance of Christmas Eve. …

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Monkey brings electrocuted friend back to life

NEW DELHI (AP) — Onlookers at a train station in northern India watched in awe a monkey using all his powers to bring back to life another monkey who was electrocuted and fell unconscious on the…

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Men Having Babies and Other Postmodern Myths

The online journal Obstetrics and Gynecology published the research article “Transgender Men Who Experienced Pregnancy After Female-to-Male Gender Transitioning.” The study, which looks at 41 transgender men and their experiences in pregnancy, is seen as cutting-edge…

5:31 am / Read More »

"[He] Told Me I Had To Pull My Pants Down, Bend Over, Squat & Cough For Him" – Georgia VIPER Unit Accused Of Illegal Strip Searches

Now we know what those TSA organized “VIPER” teams are doing since being tasked to patrol the streets of America, namely doing the same as they do at our nation’s airports — organized mass molestation on…

6:49 pm / Read More »

Coma patient wakes up speaking French

A car accident also left barber Rory Curtis believing that he was Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey. The 25-year-old suffered horrific injuries when… Go to Source Author:…

6:30 pm / Read More »

Zombie Nativity Must Be Removed From Ohio Yard

Officials in Sycamore Township, Ohio, are pulling the plug on a zombie-themed nativity in a front yard. …

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CUNY Newpaper Editor Defends Call For Violent Protests Christian refugees from Iraq celebrate Christmas in Jordan Woman actually intends to be Kansas City’s first female Catholic priest Morocco bans “Exodus: Gods and Kings” A Christmas Miracle: Utah police surprise motorists with cash instead of tickets Cops Approach Random Citizens, Issue $50 Bills Topless FEMEN activist ‘kidnaps’ Baby Jesus from Vatican nativity scene Police Body Cam Records Moment Officer Saves Childs Life NY Times Christmas Day Op-ed Page: No Believers, Two Atheists Saudi Arabia Rocked by Huge Deficits as Oil Plunges California County Threatens HUGE Fines for Having TOO MANY Christmas Decorations Thank you, Christian professor and scientist, for showing us Darwin’s light Obama: Jesus Is ‘A Son of God’ Teenage girl arrested with suicide bomb strapped to her says she was handed over to Boko Haram extremists by her parents Love is Born on Christmas Morn and the World is Born Again LGBT activist, lesbian hired as Stanford religion dean Keeping the Memory of Christmas and Resisting the Siren Call of Our Culture Inside the Beltway: Group wants Congress to swear on Constitution, not Bible Catholic Quote of the Day — from Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Islamic State to Ferguson protesters: “Hey blacks, ISIS will save you” Disclaimer can’t stop Nativity lawsuit in Arkansas Obamacare-Created Insurer Goes Under, Is Taken Over By The State Report: Dennis Rodman Threatens to Sue ‘Glorious Leader’ Makers ‘Gay’ Porn Star Sentenced to Life in Prison After Murdering, Dismembering Lover

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