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World’s top Muslim leaders condemn attacks on Iraqi Christians »

In a statement, he officially denounced the "forced deportation under the threat of execution” of Christians, calling it a "crime that cannot be tolerated.…

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Senator: Obama preparing to ‘nullify’ immigration laws »

Those who feared President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) to “defer deportations for young undocumented immigrants” – so-called DREAMers – was a slippery slope are about to…

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Ukraine Says New Tapes Prove Russia Finances Rebels Who Shot Down Malaysian Plane »

DONETSK, Ukraine — Ukraine says it has unearthed new evidence that the separatist militia in the country’s east shot down a Malaysian airliner last week and is funded from Russia,…

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WND EXCLUSIVE ‘Christianity as we know it in Iraq is being wiped out’ »

A member of Congress is calling out Western civilization, President Obama and Congress for their “deafening silence” on the purge by radical Muslims of anything Christian in Iraq, especially Mosul,…

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Pro-lifers critique Obama admin over ‘family planning’ funding for immigrant children »

Pro-life leaders are criticizing a $350 million grant program from the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) launched last month that would in part provide "family planning services" to…

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Catholic News

IRS to Atheists: Okay, We’ll Investigate Pulpit Freedom Sunday Pastors »

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has agreed to investigate the political activity of churches after reaching a settlement with an…

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Strip club endorses Democratic pastor for Congress »

PHOENIX (AP) - An Arizona strip club has endorsed a Democratic candidate for Congress. And the candidate, Rev. Jarrett Maupin,…

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New IRS Form Proves Obama Lied About Individual Mandate Tax »

New IRS Form Proves Obama Lied About Individual Mandate Tax

 New IRS Form Proves Obama Lied About Individual Mandate Tax On Thursday the IRS released a slew of draft 2014…

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God Rebuke You! Minister Stops Attack on Mom, Baby »

The man, whom the mother did not know, proceeded toward the woman, asking to see the baby. When the woman…

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Why Is Wal-Mart Preparing For A Major Earthquake On The New Madrid Fault? »

Buried in a Wall Street Journal article from about a week ago was a startling piece of information. According to…

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Louisiana Gov. Jindal sued over Common Core »

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — Parents and teachers who support the Common Core education standards are suing Louisiana Gov. Bobby…

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Iowa Editor Fired for Criticism of Pro-Gay Bible »

The former editor of an Iowa newspaper, Bob Eschliman, claims he was fired for expressing his religious beliefs on a…

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Former Planned Parenthood employee: The organization has abortion quotas »

Members of Congress are calling for answers after a former Planned Parenthood employee alleged the organization has quotas for the number of abortions it needs to perform to meet its budget. …

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SHOCK: ABC FAMILY AIRED Late-Term Abortion With Lesbians »

“ABC Family” is a network that isn’t for the safe, “family-friendly” shows. On the contrary, they love edgy shows like any other network. They created “The Fosters” to show a positive image of a lesbian couple – one black, one white – and now the…

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Massachusetts monks tap brewing tradition to support aging members »

(Reuters) - Tucked off a two-lane highway in a hilly, wooded section of central Massachusetts, a group of Roman Catholic monks has embraced a centuries-old tradition they hope can sustain their aging members in a world of rapidly rising health costs.…

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Native American Catholics gather to pray, reflect, recharge their faith »

FARGO, N.D. (CNS) -- On the 75th anniversary of the Tekakwitha Conference, Native American Catholics came together again to review the past, plan for the future and recharge their faith.…

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Saints. Joachim and Anne, parents of the Virgin Mary, honored »

On July 26 the Roman Catholic Church commemorates the parents of the Virgin Mary, Saints Joachim and Anne. The couple's faith and perseverance brought them through the sorrow of childlessness, to the joy of conceiving and raising the immaculate and sinless woman who would give…

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Earthquakes occur in 4 parts of Alaska »

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) -- Seismologists in Alaska say earthquakes have jolted four different parts of the state in the last 12 hours.…

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Colorado River groundwater disappearing at “shocking” rate »

As the Southwest's drought has worsened in the last decade, making surface water scarce, millions of people are drawing more heavily on underground water supplies. The water is coming out faster than it's being replenished, a new study finds.…

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Oklahoma Supreme Court Upholds Legislative Repeal of Common Core »

The Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled this week that the state legislature acted within its constitutional limits when it repealed Common Core standards for English and math throughout public schools in the state, according to Fox News.…

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Pro Life: Fight the good fight

ADF congressional report exposes Planned Parenthood’s ongoing taxpayer abuse »

Alliance Defending Freedom made public Wednesday its latest annual report to Congress that identifies waste, abuse, and potential fraud by Planned Parenthood, state family planning…

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Suspended N.J. abortion doctor asks judge to consider ‘good faith’ behind his actions »

HAMILTON — The attorney for Steven Brigham, a doctor suspended for starting late-term abortions in his South Jersey office and sending five women to Maryland…

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Planned Parenthood: ‘We absolutely do celebrate’ higher abortion totals »

Though Planned Parenthood has long claimed abortion is a tiny part of its mission, the president and CEO of one of its affiliates says the…

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Planned Parenthood, 15-year-olds, and Sadomasochism »

Live Action has produced another excellent undercover video that documents a Planned Parenthood counselor “educating” a 15-year-old girl about abhorrent sexual behaviors – including those…

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Abortion foe files ethics complaint against Pompeo »

Troy Newman is president of Operation Rescue. Last week, he made public documentation sent to the agency accusing the Pompeo of posting links to campaign…

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Vatican defrocks 2 Chilean priests for sex abuse

SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) — The Vatican has defrocked two Chilean priests for committing sex abuse against adults and at least one underage minor.…

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Pope Francis to meet with evangelical pastor

Vatican City, Jul 26, 2014 / 06:02 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Pope Francis’ upcoming encounter with the evangelical Christian pastor Giovanni Traettino continues the path of dialogue he has walked with evangelical denominations since his time in…

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Pope could be visiting Philly in US trip

Pope Francis is expected to make his first trip to the U.S. as pontiff next year, and many local Catholics were thrilled to hear Philadelphia is likely on his itinerary.…

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Catholic civil rights

Video: Grinning cops sued for standing by as an individual stole the group’s pro-life display.”

The complaint was filed by Pro-Life Mississippi and a number of individuals against Police Chief Lindsay Horton, the city and officers Jesse Robinson, James McGowan, Mary James, Marie Hampton, James Ross and Willis Thomas.…

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Crazed California professor pleads no contest to assault on pro-life students

A feminist studies professor at a California state university accused of forcibly grabbing an anti-abortion activist’s poster and assaulting the 16-year-old girl has pleaded no contest to three misdemeanor charges.…

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Reid: ruling in favor of the Christian family owned business was outrageous

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said the Burwell v. Hobby Lobby ruling in favor of the Christian family owned business was outrageous.…

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Bishops Slam “Unprecedented and Extreme” Attack on Religious Freedom

As you already know, President Obama just signed an executive order banning anyone who contracts with the federal government from discriminating based on “sexual orientation” or “gender identity.”…

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Boehner Explains Move to Sue President Obama

In an article for CNN on Sunday, Boehner stated that he plans to introduce legislation for the lawsuit later this month "before it is too late."…

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2016 Conservatives Take the Common Core Test

The state standards are becoming a defining issue for GOP presidential hopefuls…

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U.S. embassy in Libya evacuated

WASHINGTON — The U.S. embassy in strife-torn Libya was evacuated early Saturday, under cover of American warplanes and spy aircraft, according to the State Department and Pentagon.…

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U.S. meat, seafood prices rising on drought, disease

WASHINGTON — Overall U.S. food inflation will remain near the historic norm in 2014, even as prices for meat and seafood are pushed higher by disease and widespread drought, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said on…

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White House: Republicans May Push to Impeach Obama If They Get the Chance

The notion of impeaching President Barack Obama got substantial attention Friday from two White House officials, who both said senior Republicans wanted to see it happen. But they couldn’t name any senior Republicans when pressed.…

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American Benedictine nuns help women’s religious congregations in Jiangsu and Beijing

The need to assimilate the teachings of the Second Vatican Council on Consecrated Life is moving many congregations around the world to help religious communities in China. This includes courses in spirituality and Bible reading in…

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Iraqi PM Condemns Jihadis’ Targeting of Christians

BAGHDAD (AP) — Iraq's prime minister on Sunday condemned the Islamic State extremist group's actions targeting Christians in territory it controls, saying they reveal the threat the jihadists pose to the minority community's "centuries-old heritage."…

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Bosnia buries 284 war victims unearthed from gruesome death pit

KOZARAC Bosnia (Reuters) – The remains of 284 victims of the Bosnian war were laid to rest on Sunday having been unearthed from what is believed to be the largest mass grave of Europe’s worst conflict…

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Catholic Music

Joseph Habedank “Welcome Home” Album Review

There is not a dearth of songs about faith. Rather, the lacuna in Christian music is that we need songs that have the uncanny ability to speak to us even when we are passing through…

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Colton Dixon’s ‘More of You’ Music Video Released

Christian singer and former 'American Idol' contestant Colton Dixon just released his new single "More of You" off of upcoming album Anchor.…

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Katy Perry Sued by Christian Rapper for Plagiarism and Witchcraft

Katy Perry Sued by Christian Rapper for Plagiarism and Witchcraft

Now Katy Perry is being sued for allegedly stealing the melody from Christian rapper Flame and for using that melody to glorify witchcraft. Katy Perry said the song didn't promote witchcraft, it was inspired by the…

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Hormonal contraceptives increases risk of gestational diabetes

A new Missouri health study suggests women who used hormonal contraception had a 1.4 time higher chance of developing GDM. …

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White House Working on More Fixes for Troubled Obamacare

The federal government and state insurance regulators are coming up with new rules in response to unexpected bills that have resulted from narrower choices, constricted coverage, and misunderstandings over insurer networks, The New York Times reported.…

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Florida jury awards $23.6 billion to widow in smoking lawsuit

(CNN) -- A Florida jury awarded a widow $23.6 billion in punitive damages in her lawsuit against tobacco giant R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, her lawyer said.…

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MH17 Crash: Unrecovered Bodies ‘Still At Site’

Some 227 bodies out of a total of 298 people killed in the flight MH17 disaster have been handed over to Dutch authorities, but many more remains lie under the sweltering heat at the scene.…

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Judge ‘falls asleep’ during child rape case

Barristers complained Recorder Philip Cattan fell asleep as an alleged victim was cross-examined. The trial will now be re-listed as the jury was dismissed.…

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Army to Begin Bradley/Chelsea Manning’s gender treatment

Manning was convicted in July 2013 of violating the Espionage Act after releasing classified documents through WikiLeaks and sentenced to 35 years confinement and a dishonorable discharge from the Army.…

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